Social Mobilization

Social Mobilisation is a process whereby people are organised in order to enable them to collectively think and act upon their development.

The mission of SRSP is to mobilise communities to attain the organisations vision of overcoming poverty. It does so by building capacities, leadership, skills, empowerment, incomes and resilience among communities. This process is Social Mobilization

Social Mobilization: Our Approach

SRSP has a process oriented and bottom up approach to community development. At the lowest level SRSP builds community organizations of both men and women. These organizations plan, organize, implement projects, resolve conflicts and manage resources. Their capacity is built trainings, exposure visits , learning events and conferences.
All projects of SRSP are implemented through community involvement, thus making the projects an important tool for group capacity building.

The community organizations are federated at the village and Union level to form Village and Local Support Organizations.

All these organizations are built on the concept of downward accountability to their base members.
SRSP believes that once people are organized they will have a “voice” and would be in a position to engage with the government and improve both the quality of governance and of service delivery.

Three Tiered Model of Social Mobilization

Community Organizations

At the first tier, these communities are organized into Community Organizations (COs) which are organizations at the neighbourhood or Mohallah level.
These COs consist of membership from 15 households on average. COs ordinarily carry out activities such as household level development planning, trainings, savings and credit



At the second tier, the COs federate at the village level into a Village Organisation (VO).
Membership of the VO normally consists of two nominated members from each CO in the village.

The activities of the VO are to work on development activities which run across the village such as community infrastructure, partnerships with local government and other agencies, and on issues which affect the entire village

Local Support Organizations

At the third tier, VOs federate at the Union Council level to form a Local Support Organisation (LSO). This apex organisation consists of membership from the VOs in the entire union council and is responsible for coordinating with its membership base to construct a development agenda for its members. It is also responsible for networking and developing linkages with external organisations such as local government, donors, NGOs and the private sector for the purpose of achieving its development agenda

Our Achievements

Community Organizations

Community Members

Savings (Million)

Village Organizations

Local Support Organizations