Transforming Rural Lives. SRSP Infrastructure Development.

SRSP: A Cornerstone for Rural Progress

Since its inception, SRSP has championed community-driven infrastructure development as a cornerstone for rural socio-economic progress. These small-scale projects, strategically funded and diverse in scope, have not only strengthened livelihoods but also fostered a sense of community ownership and positive change.

Our Impact

Infrastructure Schemes Completed

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Our Infrastructure Schemes

SRSP’s commitment to rural development goes beyond simply building structures. We understand that true progress hinges on creating a comprehensive and sustainable infrastructure ecosystem. This ecosystem empowers communities, strengthens livelihoods, and paves the way for a brighter future. Let’s delve deeper into some of our impactful infrastructure development schemes, showcasing the diversity and transformative power of their work.

Drinking Water Supply Schemes

SRSP’s commitment to water security is evident in their impressive record of constructing 4,510 drinking water supply schemes. These critical projects, representing an investment of PKR 3,527 million, have directly benefited a staggering 666,192 households. This translates to providing safe and clean drinking water to a significant portion of the rural population, significantly improving their health and well-being.

Sanitation Schemes

SRSP’s sanitation program has made significant strides in improving public health across rural communities. With a total of 2,521 sanitation schemes implemented, the program has benefitted an impressive 390,340 households. This represents a substantial investment of PKR 1,832 million, highlighting SRSP’s commitment to creating a cleaner and healthier environment for rural residents.

Disaster Risk Reduction

SRSP’s commitment to safeguarding rural communities extends to disaster risk reduction. Through 425 implemented projects, they’ve significantly enhanced the resilience of 61,821 households against potential disasters. This crucial program represents a PKR 241 million investment in disaster preparedness, potentially saving lives and minimizing damage caused by natural hazards. These projects likely involve measures like flood protection, early warning systems, or infrastructure improvements in disaster-prone areas.

Irrigation Channels

SRSP by constructing 1,188 irrigation channels, have directly impacted 148,723 households. This vital infrastructure provides a more efficient and reliable water source for agriculture, potentially increasing crop yields and overall agricultural productivity. The program represents a significant investment of PKR 1,029 million, demonstrating SRSP’s commitment to empowering rural communities through sustainable agricultural practices.

Communication Projects

SRSP’s investment in communication schemes, including roads and bridges, has demonstrably improved connectivity for rural communities. With a total of 1,382 projects constructed, these critical infrastructure developments represent a substantial investment of PKR 1,239 million. The program’s impact is far-reaching, directly benefiting an estimated 828,750 households. Improved roads and bridges not only ease travel and transportation of goods but also open doors to greater access to markets, education, and healthcare services, fostering an overall improvement in the quality of life for rural residents.

Integrated Area Uplift Programme

SRSP’s Integrated Area Uplift Programme (IAUP) tackles rural development in a comprehensive way. Focusing on 178 specific areas, the program has implemented a strategic mix of interventions with a total investment of PKR 669 million. This has demonstrably improved the lives of 46,897 beneficiary households. IAUPS likely encompass a combination of projects like sanitation, irrigation, or road improvements, creating a more holistic and impactful development approach for targeted rural communities.

SRSP’s Strong Network of Partners Supports Infrastructure Development

Our partners include the European Union, Mercy Cooperation Private Limited, Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Programme, Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office through Rural Support Programme Network, Save the Children International, Pakistan-Afghanistan Tajikistan Regional Integration Program, and United Nations Population Fund.