From Value Chains to Skills Training: Empowering Communities

Transforming Lives: Food Security and Livelihoods for All: Equipping individuals with the skills and resources they need to thrive.

SRSP stands tall as a champion for impoverished families, offering a comprehensive approach to poverty reduction through small business development and value chain strengthening. With over two decades of experience, SRSP’s success lies in its three-pronged strategy:

Value Chain Development (VCD)

This innovative approach empowers local micro and small enterprises, particularly in rural areas. SRSP tackles challenges like limited market access and weak bargaining power by connecting producers to consumer needs. Through VCD, producers collaborate with suppliers and traders to cultivate products that meet market demands. This approach ensures efficient production that meets consumer needs while generating wealth in communities and fostering economic growth.

Small-Scale Enterprise Support

SRSP fosters economic diversification and job creation by supporting small businesses across various sectors including retail, agriculture, livestock, handicrafts, renewable energy, and e-commerce.

Enterprise Development Trainings:

SRSP equips individuals and business owners with the skills they need to thrive through its enterprise development training programs. Trainings cover launching a business, market research, financial literacy, marketing, leadership, and problem-solving, all tailored to address evolving economic demands and promote diversification and technology adoption. SRSP prioritizes inclusivity by offering targeted support for women-led enterprises.

Our Impact

Business Groups Formed

Farmer Field Schools Organized and trained

Farmers attended demo plots establishment

Enterprises Developed

Key Achievements



Trades and Value Chains

SRSP has identified hundreds of trades and value chains, enabling informed decision-making and market access for producers. These initiatives have generated employment, increased incomes, and enhanced product quality.


Enterprise Groups

SRSP has facilitated the formation of hundreds of business groups, impacting thousands of individuals directly and indirectly. These groups foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation.


Training and Capacity Building

Over 8,000 individuals have been trained in various trades, expanding their expertise and market reach.


Demo Plots and R&D Interventions

SRSP has initiated thousands of demonstration plots showcasing new technologies and best practices in areas like mushroom production, beekeeping, and fish farming.


Support for Farmers

SRSP provides seeds, fertilizers, and veterinary services to enhance productivity and farm health.


In-Kind Support

SRSP provides various in-kind support to farmers’ groups, including seeds, fertilizers, and farm structures. This support modernizes cultivation techniques and improves market access.


Technical Skills Trainings

SRSP has conducted thousands of technical skills trainings, introducing individuals to new technologies, product packaging, and marketing techniques.


Farmer Field Schools (FFSs)

SRSP empowers communities through experiential learning via Farmer Field Schools. Over 17,000 individuals have been trained in various agricultural practices.


Enterprises Developed and Training Sessions

SRSP has established thousands of enterprises and conducted numerous training courses, equipping participants with foundational business acumen.


Business Exposure Visits

SRSP organizes exposure visits, providing firsthand insights into best practices and market trends. Business Management Skills Training equips participants with the skills needed to develop sound business plans.


Nursery Registration and Market Trials

 SRSP has registered numerous nurseries and conducted market trials, fostering linkages with key market players and boosting producer confidence.


Extension Worker Training

SRSP invests in building the capacities of communities and farmers by training thousands of extension workers in agriculture, livestock, and poultry.


NRM Trainings

SRSP promotes sustainable agriculture through NRM trainings, fostering environmental stewardship among extension workers and farmers.


Strategic Linkages

SRSP has facilitated hundreds of meetings to connect enterprises with service providers, promoting business growth and competitiveness.