Local women leaders play a crucial role in development projects, and their leadership qualities shouldn’t be underestimated. Recognizing this, a 3-day Leader Management Skill Training (LMST) program was recently held in D.I. Khan.

This initiative aimed to equip women leaders with the skills they need to truly influence and motivate others. The training focused on building their capacity to:

  • Influence: effectively advocate for positive change within their communities.
  • Motivate: inspire and empower others to contribute to their community’s development.
  • Enable: provide the tools and resources necessary for community members to actively participate.

The LMST program also provided participants with the opportunity to:

  • Sharpen their skills in implementing project activities and managing the operations of their Village Organizations (VOs).
  • Gain knowledge about community development strategies and approaches.
  • Deepen their understanding of gender equality and its importance in community development.
  • Develop strategies to face challenges like climate change that affect their communities.

This impactful training program was organized under the LACIP-II project, funded by KfW and led by the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF). SRSP served as the implementing partner for the program.

By investing in the leadership skills of local women, this initiative empowers them to become agents of change within their communities. This paves the way for a more inclusive and sustainable approach to community development in D.I. Khan.