Project: Waseela-e-Taleem

Funded by: RSPN

Project Cost: PKR 104 million

Target Areas: Mohmand, D.I.Khan and Upper Dir

Beneficiaries: 302,873 children

Major Components

  • School retention of BISP beneficiaries
  • Formation of BISP Committees
  • Micro-school capacity assessment
  • Enrollment of children


  • Micro-School Capacity Assessment was carried out in 2,552 school
  • 6,600 BISP Beneficiaries Committees with a total membership of 115,236
  • 211,088 children enrolled

Disaster Risk Reduction & Emergency Preparedness in Schools of KPK

Funded By: UNICEF

Project Cost: PKR 62 Million
Target Areas: Swat, Buner, Mansehra
Beneficiaries: 262 schools


  • Community participation in school based disaster risk reduction
  • Enhancing interaction between schools Parents and education departments
  • Creating mass level awareness on safer schools


  • Orientation workshop for the project staff.
  • Meetings for District Disaster Management Committee formation
  • Hazard assessment
  • Baseline activity was organized in 262 schools
  • Formed/reactivated 116 Parent Teacher Councils
  • Formation of 116 Disaster Management Committees

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Education Sector Project (KESP)

Funded By: Adam Smith International
Project Cost: PKR 47 Million
Target Areas: Kohistan (Upper, Lower and Kolai Pass), Upper Dir, Chitral, Malakand, Buner, Haripur, Battagram, Kohistan, Torghar, Bannu, and Charssada
Beneficiaries: Carpet coverage


Provide Technical Assistance (TA) at provincial, sub-provincial and school levels to provide comprehensive, flexible and high quality technical support to the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the delivery of its strategy and priorities for transforming education service delivery

FATA Economic Revitalisation Programme (FERP)

Donor: UNDP
Budget: PKR 353 million
Target Areas: South and North Waziristan


  • 60 CPIs
  • 1940 beneficiaries
  • 2900 BMSTs


  • CPIs
  • Employable skills
  • BMSTs


  • 15 CPI sites finalised
  • 879 identified
  • 168 Livelihoods Trainings

FATA Transition & recovery Programme (FTRP)

Funded by: UNDP

Project Cost: PKR 59 million
Target Area: North Waziristan
Beneficiaries: 25000 individuals


  • Social mobilisation
  • CPIs
  • Livelihoods


  • Completed 62 schemes
  • Rehabilitated 66 COs
  • Formed livelihood
  • Livelihood support to 115 individuals

Joint Partnership (JP)

Funded by: UNDP

Project Cost: PKR 101 million

Project Area: North Waziristan

Beneficiaries: 25000 individuals


  • Social mobilisation
  • CPIs
  • Livelihoods


  • 51 C0s formed
  • 48 schemes established
  • Livelihood support provided to 1400 individuals

Support to Returnees & Their Communities in FATA


Budget: Euro 10 million

Project Area: Khyber, Kurram, Orakzai and North Waziristan

Beneficiaries: 67,000 children


The project aimed to enhance social cohesion and build local capacities to improve education services in TDP return areas


  • Completed 280 pre-fabs in 53 schools
  • Rehabilitation in 280 schools
  • Tents installed in 60 schools
  • 450 WASH facilities established
  • 240 TIJ and 1,000 teacher training

FATA Recovery & Community Engagement Programme

Funded by: UNDP

Budget PKR 59 million

Target Areas: South Waziristan, Khyber and Kurram

Beneficiaries: 15,000 individuals


Strengthen the social mobilization process and to improve the livelihood


  • Completed 65 CPIs
  • 115 Business Management Skills Training

Access to Quality Education & Local Accountability (AQELA)

Funded By: RSPN

Project Cost: PKR 7.5 million

Target Area: Kohistan & Battagram 30,000 individuals


The project aimed to change the way education department functions and yields better results in terms of enrolment, retention and most importantly learning outcomes. It is a district level initiative and has a platform called District Parent Ittehad (DPI) that has broad based representation of communities both from rural and urban settings. It is an advocacy forum that will lobby with various institutions in the social and political realm to demand access to quality education.


  • Completed two District Parent Ittehad (DPI) formed
  • 2,400 awareness sessions for more than 30,000 individual
  • Improvement in the schools worth 42 Million PKR
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