Pakistan Afghanistan Tajikistan Regional Integration Programme (PATRIP Foundation)

The PATRIP Foundation is a charitable nonprofit institution set up in 2011 by the German state-owned KfW Development
bank on behalf of the German Federal Foreign Office (GFFO). It acts as a trust fund manager for bilateral and multilateral
donors. The PATRIP Foundation’s projects increase local populations’ access to basic infrastructure and services. These
measures aim at providing long-term regional stability by enhancing cross-border cooperation.

Sarhad Rural Support Programme and PATRIP Foundation Partnership

This partnership, commenced in 2015 supporting in multi – sectors, is quite unique as it only focuses on the border
regions of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and the merged areas. SRSP extremely values this partnership as PATRIP
foundation has been supporting the poorest communities in extreme border villages which are the most neglected,
marginalized and fragile such as Arandu region in district Chitral or the border villages in the tribal districts of Kurram,
Khyber and Bajaur.

To date, 17 different projects have been initiated under this partnership. Out of these 10 projects are completed while 7 projects are at various stages of implementation phase. This partnership has touched upon various important sectors like education, health, transport, trade and market, agriculture and sports and culture.

The financial outlay spreads over eight different agreements is PKR 3.19 billion (EUR 15.24 million). These projects will boost local economy, connect communities, improve health and education, promote sports and recreational activities and support livelihoods of over 331,946 local population (direct and Indirect) residing in the border regions. Details of projects supported by PATRIP foundation are presented below;

Formation of Community Institutions and capacity building activities

  • 151 community institutions including 99 CBOs (comprising 16 WCOs having 349 membership) formed having
  • 2,287 members, 2 market committees constituted having 38 members, 49 PTCs (392 members) reactivated and
    trained and 1 sports committee formed having 7 members;
  • Capacity building of 1147 persons (Including 220 women) undertaken in various projects;
  • Capacity building activities regarding floriculture, trout fish farming, food processing, O&M training, project
    management and PTCs training of 317 persons, early age Programming for 90 students in schools, digital livelihood programme for 105 youth and 14 manager conferences are panned activities under different projects

Education Sector

  • Improvement works (Both new construction and rehabilitation of existing infrastructure) completed in 36
    schools (Chitral and Kurram) including provision of furniture/equipment and other accessories
  • Improvement works in 32 schools (Chitral and Khyber), formation of wash clubs and provision of
    accessories/necessary equipment
Transport Sector

  • 57.65 km of new jeep able road constructed (Arandu and Ursoon valleys) completed
  • 3 suspension bridges completed (1 jeepable and 2 Pedestrian)
  • Construction of 2 suspension bridges (PATAI and URSOON- Chitral) is in implementation phase
  • 1 irrigation channel constructed
Trade and Market Sector

  • 2 communal market/business centers established (Bajaur and Chitral) including provision of necessary furniture
    and equipment
  • 2 sanitation schemes completed;
Health Sector

  • 7 Basic Health Units improved (New construction and rehabilitation of existing infrastructure) in Kurram district
  • Construction of Old Zanana hospital (Kurram) is in progress
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