During conflict and crisis, education protects children and sets them up for a better future. It provides a sense of hope and enables them to recover, learn and thrive.

Our Goals

The literacy rate of KP is lower than the national averages and that of FATA is even less than that of KP. SRSP’s education programme is designed to respond to basic issues in the service delivery of education in remote rural areas of KP and FATA. Its main objective is to ensure quality education for all- girls and boys’.

Ensuring access of all

How we get there

Our small but highly effective academic scholarship initiative. This is being done in support of International Development and Relief Fund (Canada) and Citi Foundation. Students from low-income households who have high probability of drop-out due to related costs of high and higher secondary education, are facilitated with scholarships for pursuing their education goals.

Improving Quality of Service

How we get there

  • Introducing and Piloting Semi-Permanent Light Weight Steel Structures in the Earthquake Affected Areas
  • Replication of Steel Structure in Conflict-Affected Areas
  • Rehabilitation/Repair of Schools

Community Based Schools

SRSP has established 84 community-based schools in selected districts of KP and in Kurram Agency. This model was designed in 1998 with funding assistance of UK-based organization called Learning for Life. The model works through active participation of communities. However, the project sets a grant- seed money- for the school the profit on which is used for the salary of the teachers.

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Enhancing Teachers’ Professional Capacities

SRSP’s teachers’ training programme comprises of ‘Activity Based Learning Methodologies (ABLM) Training’ and ‘Subject-Specific Training’. The objective of the ABLM manual is to enable teachers to learn activity based learning methodologies and replace teaching methodologies that induce route learning, hindering the cognitive development of children.

SRSP has also helped over 700 government schools with major and minor repairs and rehabilitation work in KP as well as in FATA (Kurram and Mohmand Agency).

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Latest Activities

Take A Child to School

In District Haripur Union Council Pind Kamal Khan Volunteers (Youth) received rewards for the enrollment of out of school children in the Government Primary schools under “Take a Child to School” (TACS) project. British Council verified the enrollment done by the...

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Distribution of “Dosti” Sports Kits.

In District Abbottabad SRSP formed District Mohallah Committees Education Task force under TACS British Council Programme for the Social Accountability of Stakeholders and Departments working for the improvement of social services delivery at local level. In this...

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